Where, when, what is covered, and how to get in touch

  • Where  the private suite of the Ship Street salon (Matthew Clulee hair spa)
  • When every Wednesday from 10.15 to 11.45
  • If you would like to attend, email Matthew directly at or if you decide on the day, call reception for availability on 01865722400.
  • The workshops can take up to 6 people at a time and we can run 1 or 2 sessions each Wednesday.

What is covered

1.     We help you to understand that what is happening to your hair is temporary, and how your hair will re-grow.

2.     To empower you to make the decision to cut it off, if and when you need to.

3.     When you are ready to cut it off, we will do it for you if you like, we can also keep it very short for you so you can monitor the progress of your new hair growth.

4.    We can recommend a good wig specialist.

5.     If needed provide scalp remedies and, natural hair growth promoting home use treatments.


The workshops are informal and flexible within the times above, you are welcome to come in as often as you like, there will be other people in similar circumstances, that you may benefit from meeting too . Matthew’s Workshops and the hairdressing done within the workshops are free.

We will not take or use your details at any time, for any purpose. There will not be any fundraising done during the workshops either.