19th July 2021 new covid policy


Keeping you safe and comfortable during your salon visit is our priority
                           Effective July 19 2021 

We understand that many clients & prospective clients will have different opinions on what is safe following the further relaxation of covid restrictions. with this in mind we are offering the following options.

We will offer 2 separate salons with separate covid policies
From 19th July 2021

Ground floor salon

will relax social distancing but still maintain as much distance between clients as possible, You will have the option to wear a mask and ask your hairdresser to do the same, but it is not mandatory. You will have to wear a mask if you ask us to.

Basement salon 

will continue to operate with all previous covid precautions in place, PPE is mandatory for all with no exceptions whatsoever, you cannot bring anyone into the basement salon with you. Social distancing for clients will be 1 metre+.
Doors and air conditioning/heating will be used to maximise the amount of air flow in all areas.

In both salon environments

  • We are continuing to keep longer appointment times at no extra charge
  • Everything you are likely to come in to contact with will have been sterilised before you use it.
  • All laundry is washed and dried after each use, you will always have fresh gowns and towels.
  • If you need extra consideration for health, access or religious/cultural reasons we are here to help, just ask.