Authentic Beauty Concept vegan haircare

vegan haircare

Made with only natural ingredients, leaving out what we know to be harsh or detrimental to scalp health.

No Sulfates ( astringent foaming agents) No Silicones (polluting shine enhancement that absorbs heat & dries hair out with prolonged use) No Parabens (preservatives that can be carcinogenic) this range is made with "pure essences" of natural ingredients rather than the"essence of" ingredients generally made by infusing the natural ingredients in palm oil.

authentic beauty concept

Authentic Beauty Concept manufacturing processes use steam and sound waves to extract "pure essence" rather than an "infusion"  using palm oil or other similar oils, resulting in less weight in your hair and a more natural and healthy feel to your hair after use.

We are grateful to be using such a high quality product range that takes  sustainable ingredients and recycling so seriously, and as a result has the lightest touch on our ecosystem.  

Ask your stylist to use these products on your hair to feel the difference for yourself.

Available is salon and by mail order, for mail order click here to enquire

Authentic beauty concept

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