Booking deposits

The hairdressing industry is suffering from a considerable growth in last minute cancellations and appointment "no shows" it is happening in other service industries too, this is causing issues with availability for other clients, it also effects salon cashflow and stylists wages.

We don't think it is fair for us to increase our prices to cover this as it would hurt the vast majority of our clients that don't cancel at short notice or forget their appointments.  If you cancel giving less than 3 day's notice or don't show up for your appointment you will lose your deposit.

Whilst we are all sure that no one is doing this deliberately and that it is probably a symptom of the difficult times we are all living through. When we can book our clients efficiently, we can work more efficiently, meaning we have more time to fit you in when you need us to, and more resources to invest in our team and your salon experience.

 Thank's for being understanding.