High style meets eco responsibility

Nashi argan

Italy's leading eco haircare & beauty brand

Offering remedies for

  • Severe chemical damage
  • Heat styling protection
  • Hair loss
  • Lack of volume
  • Hydrating & smoothing all hair types
Vegan haircare of the highest quality provided in re-cycled packaging, swapping plastic bottles for sugar beet bottles

"providing you with the best hairdressing service,  minimising our carbon footprint, without cutting back on quality or your salon experience"

Why we should all do this

  • Plastics in the oceans are slowly destroying  marine ecosystems all over the world, choosing suppliers that use biodegradable alternatives to plastic packaging, will help the environment for the future
  • How many once  beautiful beaches have you been to that are now full of plastic and other waste, most of which was either washed up on the beach or left on the beach to be washed into the sea
  • If you love eating fish & seafood, how much plastic would you like your delicious meal to have consumed before it gets to you?
  • A measured & consistent effort now helps to sustain & improve our health, & those of our children

what we are doing about this

  • By carefully choosing the suppliers and products we use, our day to day use of non PCR plastics has decreased by 80% since 2018
  • By only using high quality, natural, recyclable & renewable materials in our salon environment, combined with iconic design, our salon environment needs less repair/maintenance work and there are fewer chemicals in the air we breathe
  • Changing to Led lighting  in 2015  reduced the amount of electricity we used by 20% and the number of bulbs used has fallen by a massive 95%, less heat generated by led bulbs means less air conditioning use too

This is good for you because

  • A healthy salon environment is more enjoyable to visit
  • Forward thinking businesses are better led, giving their teams more opportunity, this means happier more focused artisans working on you
  • When good ethics are purposefully designed into a service led company, they are going to be easier for you to deal with because their hearts are in the right place
  • Peace of mind knowing that you are contributing to an ethical, environmentally aware organisation