New Asthetics clinic at Matthew Clulee hair spa

About Dr St John

My motto is “correction, not change”.  Many practitioners give the field of cosmetic medicine a bad name by failing to appreciate the aesthetic proportions of the face as a whole.

We must objectively appraise the whole face and be prepared to say “no” to our clients whose requests, we feel, are not in their best interests.  A good aesthetic practitioner will use Botox® and fillers safely and will not create an unnatural look.  A great aesthetic practitioner, on the other hand, will examine the face as a whole at every consultation and will ask him/herself “what more can I do to beautify this person’s face?”

offering aesthetic medical treatments at Matthew Clulee hair spa

We’d like to announce that St John Clinic will be offering aesthetic medical treatments- wrinkle relaxing injections and dermal fillers - at Matthew Clulee hair spa on Fridays from 8th June 2019.

Dr Helen St John MBChB MRCOG was one of the first doctors to offer aesthetic medical treatments in the UK 20 years ago when "Botox” was little recognised. Based in London where she operates out of four clinics she also has outlying clinics in Bath and Scotland.

Key to her ethos is that her clients look entirely natural following treatment. She recommends treatments that will make her clients more attractive and youthful but in a time frame such that no-one will guess what’s been done.

She also offers skincare products that she uses herself and “Latisse" eyelash enhancement which lengthens and darken lashes, backed by scientific trials in the USA.

Dr St John has always carried out all treatments at every one of her clinics. 

Consultations are free. Appointments 020 8946 9694

We practitioners must aim to turn back the clock, to take our clients back 10 years rather than to change them into someone different altogether.  The greatest accolade is when, at the two week follow up, a client reports that their friends comment on how good they look without being able to fathom out why.   We don’t always get it right first time, however.  We cannot gauge muscle strength accurately in each and every client.  This is why the 2 week follow up appointment is all important when we can critically assess the effect of our treatments, allowing us to correct when necessary.  In so doing we continue to educate ourselves and to optimise our technique in the future.

Lady St John of Bletso MBChB MRCOG